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Anarchism in Action

EUAS entered the world in 2009 and is still strong. We always need new members, and more importantly passionately interested people to help add to what becomes the whole. We operate through a system of Action Groups which organise different areas of the society. On joining us, you are welcome to assign yourself to one of these groups. For those just interested in coming along to our events, we’ll update public activities here that you are welcome to come to. We are currently having monthly planning meetings which anyone is welcome to join.

Right now, the best way to get involved with our society is to check the ‘Central Pad’ which has all the dates of current Action Groups, upcoming events, reading group material and future agenda topics. If you have any trouble or want to contact us email equalitylibertyrespect(at)

On the ‘Central Pad’ there are sections for all active working groups where they can share information with the others and let people know what’s going on. So if you’re in a working group or want to start one, feel free to start writing that down, create your section and let the others know what you’re doing etc… The section at the bottom is reserved for the agenda of our monthly planning meeting.

The pad has been started to create a space for the different working groups of the society to coordinate and also make it easier for non-members to see what’s going on and where they might join if they share an interest in a topic. The advantage of this system is that it’s free to use as in both free beer and it isn’t run by big companies i.e. no need for a fbook/google account.

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