Events from Week 2 Meeting

Upcoming events

  • Anarchist stall – Friday 28th Sept (11am – 2pm) – Main Library

Free food!

  • Anti-fascist demonstration – Saturday 29th Sept (11.30am) – City Chambers, Royal Mile.

The SDL are meeting outside the parliament at 1pm. Unite Against Fascism are meeting at 11.30 outside the City Chambers, Royal Mile.

  • Shock Doctrine (film) + New Urban Frontier (gig) – Sunday 30th Sept (8pm) – Banshee Labyrinth, Niddrie Street

After the film, gig downstairs.

Our next film will be: SHOCK DOCTRINE at Banshee Labyrinth this Sunday. And then we’re all gonna go to the NEW URBAN FRONTIER gig. Yeah. Drink and dance and be merry. Like the most famous quote Emma Goldman never said.

Films will be every two weeks.

  • Reading group – Tuesday 2nd Oct (7pm) – SEVEN

The CMB room last week was NICE. But after 6pm access is difficult. Next week we are meeting at SEVEN. Next week we will read: Bakunin on the Commune [it’s quite short, yo]

  • The Benjamin Franks lecture originally set for Tuesday 2nd Oct has been postponed, but it will be good. We will publicise it bigly.
  • Weekly Meeting – Wednesday 3rd Oct (3pm) – Room 2.06 Appleton Tower

Join us!

  • Polemic: Submission deadline – Tuesday 16th Oct / New issue – Tuesday 23rd Oct

Deadline for articles is 16TH OCTOBER. Email them to polemic [at]

This issue will come out on the 23rd October. 

  • TUC demo – Saturday 20th Oct – Glasgow

Trades Union Congress demo in Glasgow. Some free bus places going from Edinburgh.  You can get them by emailing etuc [at]

  • David Graeber – Sunday 28th Oct (2pm) – Word Power

David Graeber is talking on Sunday 28th October at 2pm at the Word Power radical book fair, Out of the Blue, Dalmeny Street (half way down Leith Walk). We will ask him if he will give us a talk too. Maybe his stuff on the ‘new social movements’ and their anarchism?

  • NUS demo against fees, cuts and privatisation of universities – Saturday 20th Nov – London

National Union of Students demo in London against fees, cuts, privatisation of universities. EUSA has five buses going down. These will be publicised nearer the time. £10 return.

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Events from Week 1 Meeting

Upcoming Events

  • Social/Flat Warming Party – Saturday 22nd from 9-ish

“Flat Warming Socks!” – 3/4 Buccleuch Street (Number 3/Flat 4). Join us! As we celebrate in L and S’s new flat. Its very near to the meadow’s bar.

  • Reading Group – Tuesday 25th from 7pm

The reading is the introduction to Mutual Aid by Peter Kropotkin; a noted anarchist communist. The reading, a (relatively) short article, can be accessed here: We are to meet in the 6th floor of the Crystal Macmillan Building which is situated in George Square at its North West most corner.

  • “Nae Nazis” – September 29th

Little over a week away, the fascists are coming to town and there will be various anti fascist actions on the day. Our group’s input to be discussed next meeting.

  • Guest Lecture – October 2nd 7pm – 9pm – Appleton Tower Lecture Theatre 1

We have a guest lecturer (Benjamin Franks) coming to speak to us, hopefully on “Anarchism and Marxism” and hopefully why anarchism is better. We can invite all the other lefty societies. Will move to publicise this through posters/flyers/a stall.

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New EUAS blog

Edinburgh University Anarchist Society’s online presence is about to go up in the world! Here is where we write things and draw things and general share any contributions any of our number want to put online.

Members can write blog posts by signing into the website, going to POSTS, and clicking ADD NEW. Remember to tick the ‘EUAS Blog’ category on the right hand side to submit your post to this space.

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Week 1 September 2012

First Anarchist Society meeting of the new year TODAY.

Wednesday 19th September 2012, 3pm, rm 2.06 Appleton Tower, George Square

All welcome, please come along!

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Welcome to the Edinburgh University Anarchist Society Week 7

Welcome to the Edinburgh University Anarchist Society website. We use this space to inform anyone interested in the events the society is putting on and to display contact details for getting involved with us.

We are a group of people unhappy with the current state of the world and looking for change. We share the common values of equality, liberty and respect and believe that by implementing these in our every day lives we can make a difference.

We operate as a non-hierarchical community of equals who meet each week to plan new ideas for activities and direct action. We make our decisions by full consensus and value the opinion of the newest member as much as the oldest. There is no charge for the society and the environment is friendly and respectful toward the opinions of others. We don’t all call ourselves anarchists and each person has a different idea of how they envision change for the future; we count these differences among our assets and strengths as a diverse and dialectic community.

To get involved with the society, find out more about us and what we are or even ask us a few clarifying questions, please come along to one of our meetings, or social events detailed below. Additionally, keep checking this space for updated new events that EUAS will be holding throughout the year. These involve guest lectures, film nights, reading groups, radical art groups, skill share days and more.

Weekly Meetings
Administration Meetings– Every Wednesday 3pm Room 2.04 Appleton
Socials– Every other Thursday (starting 26th January) from 7:30pm in The Meadows Bar

Anarchist Events:

Thursday 8th March

Social: Upstairs of Meadows Bar, 7:30pm- Suggestion to meet for an hour then move on to the Third Door for a gig/Theatre Paradok fundraiser.

Friday 9th March

Food Not Bombs Skipping: Skipping for food to cook and give away. To get involved contact Euan ( 07776403603)

Saturday 10th March

Art/Comic Group: Teviot Balcony Room, 2pm- Scripting/storyboarding/drawing an anarchist anti-superhero superhero comic (it makes sense). All contributions welcome.

Sunday 11th March

Film Night: Banshee Labyrinth, 7pm- ‘The Free Voice of Labor: The Jewish Anarchists’ and a documentary that may or may not involve bees.

Food Not Bombs Cooking?: Contact Euan for more information ( 07776403603)

Monday 12th March

Food Not Bombs Stall: Stall to be held near the library or Meadows. Again, contact Euan for anything Food Not Bombs related ( 07776403603)

– Reading Group: Teviot Amphion, 6pm- Kroptokin/Lenin Letters and encounter. [hopefully. Will try and get this out, photocopy an disseminate. Email will be send out with readings if so]


Other Events:

Thursday 8th March

– Stop Criminal Landlords: Old St. Paul’s Church Hall, 7pm- Meeting for helping tenants set up by Edinburgh Private Tenants Action Group.

New Urban Frontier gig/ Theatre Paradok Fundraiser: The Third Door, 7pm, £4- Fundraising gig for Edinburgh University’s alternative theatre group with three bands. Includes lots of punk, reggae, ska, hip-hop and political passion.

Saturday 10th March

AFED Meeting: ACE, 4pm- The Anarchist Federation monthly meeting. Note that the AFED Dayschool has been cancelled (Joel to cancel the Pleasance booking).

Monday 12th March

Anti-Workfare Meeting: ACE, 5pm- Meeting to decide action against government policy that forces the unemployed to work for free in big corporations.

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EUAS: Week 3

Anarchist Events:

– Art Group– Saturday 4th February, 2pm, Teviot: For a discussion about the art groups direction this term and an informal drawing session

Film Night– Sunday 5th February, 8pm, Banshee Labyrinth: We will be showing The Wind That Shakes the Barley,

Reading Group– Monday 6th February, 6pm, Teviot: ‘Free Women of Spain’,

Social– Thursday 9th February, 7:30pm, upstairs of The Meadows Bar

Other Events:

EUSA Referendum– Referenda Debates, Monday 6th February,  7pm, George Square Lecture Theatre/ Tuesday 7th February, 7pm, Pleasance Theatre: Two members of the Anarchist society have put forward questions for the Edinburgh University Student’s Association Referendum, please vote for them online through MyEd when the option becomes over the 8th and 9th February. They read as follows:
‘ Volunteering as a special constable creates a conflict of interest as a sabbatical officer. Yes or No.’
‘Should EUSA be reorganised so as to give the greatest number of students direct democratic control and meaningful participation, through a system of nested councils?’

UKuncut– Wednesday 8th February, 12pm, Bristo Square

Anarchist Black Cross– Thursday 9th Febuary, 6:30pm, The Meadows Bar:  Anarchist Black Cross are group of anarchists who support and write to political prisoners.  Their meeting is nicely timed just before our social!

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EUAS: Week 2

Anarchist Events:

Anarchist Social Thursday 26 – 7:30pm – Meadow’s Bar (Buccleuch St)
Our social will now be a fortnightly affair. Expect drinking and merriment and the ability for us to chat together and plot with our hair down.

Reading GroupMonday 30 – 1:30pm – Chaplaincy Auditorium
We are reading this week, and will be trying out, ‘Six Thinking Hats.’ A different and structured way of bringing a group to consensus. This reading group will coincide with the Fair Trade Cafe that is on in the auditorium at this time, providing an ethical lunch between 1 and 2. The week after this we have set a rota for the reading group so that every other week we will meet at 5/half 5 in a nearby cafe. Black Medicine was suggested and will be confirmed next week. A brief overview of ‘Six Hats’ can be found on these lecture slides:

Art GroupSaturday 28 – 2pm – 1 West Richmond St/Flat 4.

Art Group cancelled this week, look out for a meeting next week though

Previous art group projects took Anarchists to cathedrals and toy museums to work on sketches in a friendly environment. Large scale projects have had anarchists all sit around and work on one large piece of paper. These sessions embodied anarchism, a group of people working together and learning from each other without leaders. The art group took a more radical spin last semester and attempted to creatively put a message across to consumers in the form of messages planted in egg boxes. Ideas of where to take the art group next will be discussed on Saturday.

Film Night Sunday 5 (Feb) – 8-10 – Banshee’s Labyrinth (Niddry St)
Our film night happens every other week and so will next take place on the fifth. The film will be “The Wind That Shakes the Barley.”


Other Events:
– Anarchist Black Cross
Anarchist Black Cross are group of anarchists who support and write to political prisoners. This Thursday (26) Black Cross are having a meeting in the Waverley from 6-8. Every other week after that they will be having their meeting in the meadows bar (bringing them to our social!)

– Role of University
Next Tuesday in the chaplaincy auditorium from 5:30 to 7 there will be a discussion/talk on the value of education and the role of university featuring the newly appointed University Rector, Peter McColl.

– Autonomous University of Edinburgh
Have began meeting Mondays at 9:30am in the Chaplaincy Auditorium.

– SJP : Professor Norman Finkelstein – Tuesday 7 (Feb)
SJP (Students for Justice in Palestine) are hosting Professor Norman Finkelstein in George Square Lecture Theatre at 7pm on ‘How to solve the Israel-Palestine problem‘. A world renowned scholar and frequent lecturer on the Middle East, Dr Finkelstein was famously denied tenure at DePaul University in Chicago after a vendetta led by Alan Dershowitz and members of the pro-Israel movement in the US

New Urban Frontier – Jazz Bar – Thursday 26 – 8/9
NUF are Edinburgh’s fast-flowing muzikal mash-mash. A politicised punk-inspired dub-loving, soul-singing, ska-swinging seven-piece live band with a rapper. Featuring some anarchist society members.

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EUAS: Week 1, Semester 2, 2012

Anarchist Events:

Tuesday 17th January:

– Refreshers Fair,  11:30 – 2:30, Chaplaincy Auditorium, Bristo Square. We welcome new members to come pick up some pamphlets and ask old members to help set up (from 11am) and run the stall.

– ‘What is Anarchism: The Practicality of Anarchism’, 6:15-8:00pm, Teviot Middle Reading Room. We invite the casually interested, the advocates and the objectors to gather in one space to listen and learn from one another in this group discussion. This has been a very successful discussion in the pass and is now in what must be its 7th incarnation

Sunday 22nd January: Film Viewing of Palms, 8:00pm, Banshee Labyrinth Cinema, 29 – 35 Niddry Street, EH1 1LG. Join us for the first of our monthly radical film viewing. “Palms is Aristakisyan’s astonishing portait of people who live on the margins of life and exist outside the normal society. Profound, spiritual and hallucinatory, Palms is remarkable at every level and one most visionary films of recent times.
Narrated by the director directed addressing his unborn son, the film is compassionate, relatory and bold in its originality and was awarded the NIKA for Best Documentary in 1994″

Wednesday 25th January: First Anarchist Society meeting of the year, 3:00pm, Appleton Tower Rm 2.04. We welcome any and all to come along to our meetings and share ideas and get involved with new activities.

Thursday 26th January: First EUAS social, 8:00pm, upstairs of the Meadows Bar. Join us for a chat and a drink on the 26th and every other Thursday (from 7:30pm) after that.


Other Events:

Tuesday 24th January: The Grassmarket Mission Fundraising Gig, time TBA, Voodoo Rooms. An evening of live music featuring New Urban Frontier and for a great cause, please come along and support if you can.

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EUAS: Week 9

Anarchist Events:

Thursday 24th (today), 5pm, DHT Faculty Room South: A talk from Irina, an anarchist who has participated in several resistance movements around the world, followed by a discussion of how best to organise for the strike next week.

Friday 25th, 7pm-1am, Teviot Loft Bar: People and Planet hosted celebration of all things and groups trying to make the world a better place, with free food, poetry and music.

Wednesday 30th, ALL DAY, EVERYWHERE: over 3 million workers across the country are going on strike, including the UCU (and others) here in the university. Don’t go to lectures or use the library (or anywhere else that’s on strike) and if possible go and lend a hand at the picket lines.

OCCUPATION: George Square Lecture Theatre, as of last night, has been re-occupied by anti-cuts demonstrators. It will be held until at least next Wednesday, in solidarity with the strike. Get down there!

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EUAS: Week 8

8pm Thursday 10th November, Meadows Bar (upstairs): Social!
3pm Saturday 12th November, 1/4 West Richmond Street: Art group will be meeting to discuss and plan new projects.
8pm Sunday 13th November, Banshee Labyrinth: we will be showing the film ‘Catch-22’.
1pm Monday 14th November, Chaplaincy: reading group will be discussing John Ball’s speech in the 1381 Peasant’s Revolt:
-Introductory Paragraph:

In 1381, the Peasants Revolt occurred, fuelled by a number of different problems in English society, including waves of the Black Death Plague and the introduction of the medieval equivalent of Poll Tax. One of the primary instigators of peasant insurrection was John Ball, who’s antics were documented by Jean Froissart. John Froissart was a romantic French historian who was born in the 1330s and died after 1404. He despised the English insurrection, a position likely to have been effected by the recent rebellion in France by the Jacquerie in 1358. Beyond this initial adversity however, Froissart writes of the particularly oppressed nature of English serfs, especially in the southern counties. He presents the rebel cause in the speech he attributes to the priest John Ball. Originally intended to incriminate, the speech when read in light of ‘post-modern’ culture reads as a passionate outcry for social equality.
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