Anti-National Front Demo

There will be a demonstration taking place outside the Market St entrance to Waverly Bridge on Saturday 25th March at 12:30pm.

Anti-fascists from all spectrums of the left are gathering to let the National Front know they are not welcome in Edinburgh as they try to hold their ‘white pride’ demonstration.

More information can be found on Unite Against Fascism’s page and facebook event.

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First Event of the Semester

A bunch of anarchism enthusiasts from EUAS had a meeting this weekend to plan for the upcoming semester, and to decide how to get regular meetings up and running. All upcoming events will be advertised on the mailing list – email equalitylibertyrespect(at) to be put on it!

The very first discussion of 2014 will take place on Saturday, February 1st, 3pm at The Potting Shed. It’ll be an informal discussion on neoliberalism and anarchism, and their relationship to the environment. There’s even a Facebook event!
To help guide the discussion, we’ve identified two readings on the topic: Neil Smith’s (2007) Nature as Accumulation Strategy and Roy Krøvel’s (2013) Revisiting social and deep ecology in the light of global warming.
NB: These are academic papers, so we appreciate they won’t be to everyone’s taste. We’re not expecting people to read both of them, and if you haven’t read either you are still more than welcome!
No previous involvement with the society or self-identification as “an anarchist” necessary.

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First Meeting and Film Viewing

Edinburgh University Anarchist Society will have its first meeting where planning and discussion for the future will occur, on WEDNESDAY, 2nd October at 6pm in Room 12.18 in David Hume Tower.

All are welcome to come along regardless of knowledge or experience of anarchism and whether you have met us or not.

Additionally, our first event of the year is will be a film showing of the BLACK POWER MIXTAPE 1967-1975 at The Banshee Labyrinth on Sunday 13th October at 7pm. Admission is free. Stay along after the film for a chat and a drink (if you want).

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September Social

Anarchists are gathering at the Auld Hoose, 23-25 St Leonard’s St, EH8 9QN, at 8pm, on Tuesday 24th September.

Come join us!

Link to the Facebook Event :

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Jamie Heckert Lecture with AK Press

The Edinburgh University Anarchist Society will be cohosting a free talk/discussion with AK Press in which JAMIE HECKERT will speak on “Queering Anarchism: an open discussion on sex, desire and social change”

The talk will be on 9th May, 7-9pm in the Teviot Study.

“Anarchism is the idea that, with practice and support, people are capable
of relating to each other freely as equals. This applies to intimate
relationships as well as to the bigger picture of political and economic
systems. In fact, the two may be connected in more ways than we might
first think.

Jamie will address these topics and more by briefly introducing two books:
‘Queering Anarchism: Addressing and Undressing Desire and Power’ (to which
he contributed an essay) and ‘Anarchism & Sexuality: Ethics, Relationships
and Power’ (which he co-edited with Richard Cleminson).”

There will then be time for questions, answers and open discussion about
the issues raised and those brought by those who come along.

Dr Jamie Heckert has been writing about anarchism and sexuality for over a
decade. A former long-term resident of Edinburgh, where he taught sex
education and helped organise anarchist spaces, Jamie currently lives in
Poole on the south coast where he teaches yoga, helps with the Transition
movement, writes and listens.

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The EUAS 2013 Revival and the dawn of The Innagural New Monthly Planning Meeting

So over the last 6 months EUAS has been suffering from administrative stagnation and suffocating inactivity. To remedy this tragedy, as of Wednesday 6th February we have initiated Monthly Planning Meetings in the rennovated and relocated Forest Cafe at 141 Lauriston Place. We have revolutionised our working groups and are all hopefully much more efficient now. We have a new virtual calendar-forum-thing christened the ‘Central Pad’ in which all our activities, events, agenda planning etc. will be organised by everyone and publicly visible, so that’s the place to go to get involved. Upcoming events or changes will continue to be advertised on this website, as well as all the information pointing people in the right directions if they want to join the society.

Anyone wishing to get involved with the upkeep of this website – leave a comment on this page or email the society at equalitylibertyrespect(at)

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Reading List

We have decided to decide on readings and films in blocks (a) so we don’t have to discuss it each week at meetings and (b) so there’s plenty of time to read the readings and prepare our eyes for the films. Here is the current reading list as follows:

–30/10/12: Colin Ward: Property is Freedom, Property is Theft

–06/10/12: Emma Goldma: “Minorities vs. Majorities” from her book
Anarchism and Other Essays

–13/11/12: Karl Marx: A Critique of the Gotha Programme
(pp. 25-29 is only a list of works)

–20/11/12: Rosa Luxemburg: “The Russian Revolution, Anarchism and the
General Strike” from her book The Mass Strike

The film timetable is still to be decided upon. Feel free to suggest films or readings to add to the list/s.

Film nights are usually on Sunday evenings (check event details / latest news for info by the week), while the reading group meets on Tuesdays at 7pm on the top floor of the Chrystal Macmillan Building – join us!

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Events From Week 6 Meeting

Upcoming Events

  • Anarchist Federation social – Thursday 25th Oct (7.30pm) – Winter Buffet pub on Elm Row

You are welcome to pop along.

  • Stall – Friday 26th Oct (11.31am) – Outside George Square Lecture Theatre / Main Library

We are doing a stall outside the library to spread the word of our existence. If you want to help, meet at 11.31 outside George Square Lecture Theatre.

  • The Word Power Radical and Independent Bookfair – Thursday 25th-Sunday 28th Oct – Out of the Blue, Drill Hall

The Word Power Radical and Independent Bookfair started on Thursday and ends on Sunday night. It is Scotland’s only radical bookfair, and has loads of great talks (for free). You should go down and support it! David Graeber (anarchist) is [hopefully] talking at 2pm on Sunday. For more details see

  • Punk art exhibition – Sunday 28th Oct (Midday)- Summerhall

There is a cool exhibition of punk album artwork on at Summerhall, by the Meadows. If you want to go but don’t want to go alone, meet outside at midday. For more details see

  • Film Night – Sunday 28th Oct (8pm) – Room 48a Lower, the Pleasance

We are showing a documentary film on the miners strike that shook Britain in the 80s. It’s apparently very good, join us.

  • Reading Group – Tuesday 30th Oct (7pm) – Chrystal Macmillan Building Top Floor

Our reading group is meeting, as usual, at 7pm on the top floor of Chrystal Macmillan Building. We will be discussing a rare pamphlet by Colin Ward called ‘Housing is Theft: Housing is Freedom’.

  • Weekly Meeting – Wednesday 31st Oct (HALLOWEEEEEEEEN) (3pm) – Room 2.06 Appleton Tower

Our weekly meetings have returned to 3pm in Room 2.06, Appelton Tower

  • Polemic: Submission deadline extension 

The DEADline for submissions is extended one week. It is now next Wednesday (31st Oct). Email submissions to polemic [at]

  • Abahlali baseMjondolo representative speaker – Saturday 3rd November (7pm) – Pilrig St. Paul’s Church

A speaker from the amazing Abahlali baseMjondolo movement in Durban is speaking in Pilrig St. Paul’s church at 7pm. It’s a speaking tour connected to the London Anarchist Bookfair. A really rare opportunity to see a representative of one of the most exciting militant poor organisations in the world! You should go.

  • Guy Fawkes night!

We will be screening ‘V for Vendetta’ on the 5th November (remember, remember) in Banshee’s Labyrinth, and then going to someone’s garden and having a bonfire and being jovial and sociable. More details to follow.

  • “DEMO 2012” – Saturday 20th Nov

National Union of Students demo in London against fees, cuts, privatisation of universities. EUSA are selling bus tickets for £10 return to London. If you want to come, come. This will leave the night of the 20th and arrive back the morning of the 22nd.


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Events from Week 5 Meeting

Upcoming Events

The new time for meetings is not working. We are having one last meeting to settle this on Sunday 21st October, at 4pm in Teviot. We will decide the time for the coming year based on who shows up, so if you want a say please show up and make yourself heard 🙂 Here are the upcoming events:

• TUC demo Glasgow, 20th October….that’s tomorrow!

• Movie group: It has been suggested we come up with a list of movies
for the coming month. I’d suggest ‘The Molly Maguires’ as the next
film as I really want to see it.

• Reading Group for the coming week will be reviewing, Benjamin Franks
‘Post-Anarchism: A critical Assessment’

• We will be doing an outreach stall next Friday next to the library, organising needed.

• Guy Fawkes night film showing and Bonfire!  a film showing in banshee’s labyrinth (based on the last meeting V for Vendetta seems most likely) will be organised, followed by a celebration beside a bonfire somewhere in the city. If anyone knows of a Bonfire somewhere in/near the city please make contact.

• Oi Polloi! Have responded that they’re willing to come and do a talk to our group/anyone else who wants to come. It’d be cool if someone could book a room on campus for mid November.

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Events From Week 4 Meeting

Upcoming Events

  • Film Night – Sunday 14th Oct (8pm) – Banshee’s Labyrinth

Film showing on Sunday at 8pm in Banshee’s Labyrinth, ‘Can Dialectics
Break Bricks’. One pound donation.

  • Reading Group – Tuesday 16th Oct (7pm)- CMB

The reading for next week is the same as this week, as the reading
group was replaced my an action group meeting, look to the previous
minutes for a link/ details.

  • Polemic Deadline – Tuesday 16th Oct

Polemic DEADLINE people, 16th October for articles, remember no more
than 500 words and on any topic you please. Email entries to

  • WEEKLY MEETING – Wednesday 17th Oct (5pm)- Room 2.06 Appleton Tower

·The time of meetings keeps hopping back and fourth this must stop.
Next week’s meeting will be at 5 again but after that meeting the time will be set, hopefully permanently.

  • TUC demo – Saturday 20th Oct – Glasgow

Trades Union Congress demo in Glasgow. Some free bus places going from Edinburgh apparently.  You can get them by emailing etuc [at]

  • 5th November

It’s been proposed we hold another Guy Fawkes night celebration on 5th November, with a film/documentary about the man himself and progressing to a bonfire somewhere potentially in Canonmills. This is based off the success our similar event held either 2 or 1 year ago, the debate still rages!

  • NUS demo against fees, cuts and privatisation of universities – Saturday  21st Nov – London

National Union of Students demo in London against fees, cuts, privatisation of universities. EUSA has five buses going down. These will be publicised nearer the time. £10 return.

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