Jamie Heckert Lecture with AK Press

The Edinburgh University Anarchist Society will be cohosting a free talk/discussion with AK Press in which¬†JAMIE HECKERT will speak on “Queering Anarchism: an open discussion on sex, desire and social change”

The talk will be on 9th May, 7-9pm in the Teviot Study.

“Anarchism is the idea that, with practice and support, people are capable
of relating to each other freely as equals. This applies to intimate
relationships as well as to the bigger picture of political and economic
systems. In fact, the two may be connected in more ways than we might
first think.

Jamie will address these topics and more by briefly introducing two books:
‘Queering Anarchism: Addressing and Undressing Desire and Power’ (to which
he contributed an essay) and ‘Anarchism & Sexuality: Ethics, Relationships
and Power’ (which he co-edited with Richard Cleminson).”

There will then be time for questions, answers and open discussion about
the issues raised and those brought by those who come along.

Dr Jamie Heckert has been writing about anarchism and sexuality for over a
decade. A former long-term resident of Edinburgh, where he taught sex
education and helped organise anarchist spaces, Jamie currently lives in
Poole on the south coast where he teaches yoga, helps with the Transition
movement, writes and listens.

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