The EUAS 2013 Revival and the dawn of The Innagural New Monthly Planning Meeting

So over the last 6 months EUAS has been suffering from administrative stagnation and suffocating inactivity. To remedy this tragedy, as of Wednesday 6th February we have initiated Monthly Planning Meetings in the rennovated and relocated Forest Cafe at 141 Lauriston Place. We have revolutionised our working groups and are all hopefully much more efficient now. We have a new virtual calendar-forum-thing christened the ‘Central Pad’ in which all our activities, events, agenda planning etc. will be organised by everyone and publicly visible, so that’s the place to go to get involved. Upcoming events or changes will continue to be advertised on this website, as well as all the information pointing people in the right directions if they want to join the society.

Anyone wishing to get involved with the upkeep of this website – leave a comment on this page or email the society at equalitylibertyrespect(at)

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