Reading List

We have decided to decide on readings and films in blocks (a) so we don’t have to discuss it each week at meetings and (b) so there’s plenty of time to read the readings and prepare our eyes for the films. Here is the current reading list as follows:

–30/10/12: Colin Ward: Property is Freedom, Property is Theft

–06/10/12: Emma Goldma: “Minorities vs. Majorities” from her book
Anarchism and Other Essays

–13/11/12: Karl Marx: A Critique of the Gotha Programme
(pp. 25-29 is only a list of works)

–20/11/12: Rosa Luxemburg: “The Russian Revolution, Anarchism and the
General Strike” from her book The Mass Strike

The film timetable is still to be decided upon. Feel free to suggest films or readings to add to the list/s.

Film nights are usually on Sunday evenings (check event details / latest news for info by the week), while the reading group meets on Tuesdays at 7pm on the top floor of the Chrystal Macmillan Building – join us!

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