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Upcoming Events

The new time for meetings is not working. We are having one last meeting to settle this on Sunday 21st October, at 4pm in Teviot. We will decide the time for the coming year based on who shows up, so if you want a say please show up and make yourself heard 🙂 Here are the upcoming events:

• TUC demo Glasgow, 20th October….that’s tomorrow!

• Movie group: It has been suggested we come up with a list of movies
for the coming month. I’d suggest ‘The Molly Maguires’ as the next
film as I really want to see it.

• Reading Group for the coming week will be reviewing, Benjamin Franks
‘Post-Anarchism: A critical Assessment’

• We will be doing an outreach stall next Friday next to the library, organising needed.

• Guy Fawkes night film showing and Bonfire!  a film showing in banshee’s labyrinth (based on the last meeting V for Vendetta seems most likely) will be organised, followed by a celebration beside a bonfire somewhere in the city. If anyone knows of a Bonfire somewhere in/near the city please make contact.

• Oi Polloi! Have responded that they’re willing to come and do a talk to our group/anyone else who wants to come. It’d be cool if someone could book a room on campus for mid November.

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