Events From Week 4 Meeting

Upcoming Events

  • Film Night – Sunday 14th Oct (8pm) – Banshee’s Labyrinth

Film showing on Sunday at 8pm in Banshee’s Labyrinth, ‘Can Dialectics
Break Bricks’. One pound donation.

  • Reading Group – Tuesday 16th Oct (7pm)- CMB

The reading for next week is the same as this week, as the reading
group was replaced my an action group meeting, look to the previous
minutes for a link/ details.

  • Polemic Deadline – Tuesday 16th Oct

Polemic DEADLINE people, 16th October for articles, remember no more
than 500 words and on any topic you please. Email entries to

  • WEEKLY MEETING – Wednesday 17th Oct (5pm)- Room 2.06 Appleton Tower

·The time of meetings keeps hopping back and fourth this must stop.
Next week’s meeting will be at 5 again but after that meeting the time will be set, hopefully permanently.

  • TUC demo – Saturday 20th Oct – Glasgow

Trades Union Congress demo in Glasgow. Some free bus places going from Edinburgh apparently.  You can get them by emailing etuc [at]

  • 5th November

It’s been proposed we hold another Guy Fawkes night celebration on 5th November, with a film/documentary about the man himself and progressing to a bonfire somewhere potentially in Canonmills. This is based off the success our similar event held either 2 or 1 year ago, the debate still rages!

  • NUS demo against fees, cuts and privatisation of universities – Saturday  21st Nov – London

National Union of Students demo in London against fees, cuts, privatisation of universities. EUSA has five buses going down. These will be publicised nearer the time. £10 return.

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