Events from Week 1 Meeting

Upcoming Events

  • Social/Flat Warming Party – Saturday 22nd from 9-ish

“Flat Warming Socks!” – 3/4 Buccleuch Street (Number 3/Flat 4). Join us! As we celebrate in L and S’s new flat. Its very near to the meadow’s bar.

  • Reading Group – Tuesday 25th from 7pm

The reading is the introduction to Mutual Aid by Peter Kropotkin; a noted anarchist communist. The reading, a (relatively) short article, can be accessed here: We are to meet in the 6th floor of the Crystal Macmillan Building which is situated in George Square at its North West most corner.

  • “Nae Nazis” – September 29th

Little over a week away, the fascists are coming to town and there will be various anti fascist actions on the day. Our group’s input to be discussed next meeting.

  • Guest Lecture – October 2nd 7pm – 9pm – Appleton Tower Lecture Theatre 1

We have a guest lecturer (Benjamin Franks) coming to speak to us, hopefully on “Anarchism and Marxism” and hopefully why anarchism is better. We can invite all the other lefty societies. Will move to publicise this through posters/flyers/a stall.

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