EUAS: Week 3

Anarchist Events:

– Art Group– Saturday 4th February, 2pm, Teviot: For a discussion about the art groups direction this term and an informal drawing session

Film Night– Sunday 5th February, 8pm, Banshee Labyrinth: We will be showing The Wind That Shakes the Barley,

Reading Group– Monday 6th February, 6pm, Teviot: ‘Free Women of Spain’,

Social– Thursday 9th February, 7:30pm, upstairs of The Meadows Bar

Other Events:

EUSA Referendum– Referenda Debates, Monday 6th February,  7pm, George Square Lecture Theatre/ Tuesday 7th February, 7pm, Pleasance Theatre: Two members of the Anarchist society have put forward questions for the Edinburgh University Student’s Association Referendum, please vote for them online through MyEd when the option becomes over the 8th and 9th February. They read as follows:
‘ Volunteering as a special constable creates a conflict of interest as a sabbatical officer. Yes or No.’
‘Should EUSA be reorganised so as to give the greatest number of students direct democratic control and meaningful participation, through a system of nested councils?’

UKuncut– Wednesday 8th February, 12pm, Bristo Square

Anarchist Black Cross– Thursday 9th Febuary, 6:30pm, The Meadows Bar:  Anarchist Black Cross are group of anarchists who support and write to political prisoners.  Their meeting is nicely timed just before our social!

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