EUAS: Week 8

8pm Thursday 10th November, Meadows Bar (upstairs): Social!
3pm Saturday 12th November, 1/4 West Richmond Street: Art group will be meeting to discuss and plan new projects.
8pm Sunday 13th November, Banshee Labyrinth: we will be showing the film ‘Catch-22’.
1pm Monday 14th November, Chaplaincy: reading group will be discussing John Ball’s speech in the 1381 Peasant’s Revolt:
-Introductory Paragraph:

In 1381, the Peasants Revolt occurred, fuelled by a number of different problems in English society, including waves of the Black Death Plague and the introduction of the medieval equivalent of Poll Tax. One of the primary instigators of peasant insurrection was John Ball, who’s antics were documented by Jean Froissart. John Froissart was a romantic French historian who was born in the 1330s and died after 1404. He despised the English insurrection, a position likely to have been effected by the recent rebellion in France by the Jacquerie in 1358. Beyond this initial adversity however, Froissart writes of the particularly oppressed nature of English serfs, especially in the southern counties. He presents the rebel cause in the speech he attributes to the priest John Ball. Originally intended to incriminate, the speech when read in light of ‘post-modern’ culture reads as a passionate outcry for social equality.
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