EUAS: Week 7

Anarchist Events:

Thursday 3rd, from 8pm: Social in the upstairs room at the Meadows bar.

Friday 4th, 1pm: People and Planet reading group in the Chaplaincy, reading Doing It Without Leaders

Saturday 5th, 4pm: A group will be meeting in Teviot to discuss/write motions for the EUSA AGM. Meet them in the foyer at 4pm.

Sunday 6th, 11am-5pm: Zine and Independent Music Fair, Teviot Debating Hall.

Monday 7th, 1pm: Our reading group will be discussing Taoism and Anarchism (apologies for the orange on black. I advise copy/pasting it into your favourite text editing software, unless you’re a vampire)

Ongoing Events:

-Occupy Edinburgh in St Andrews Square need people and have a website.

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