EUAS: Week 5

Anarchist Events:

Occupation – Ongoing – St Andrews Sq
Following Saturday’s demonstration which attracted around 300 people a group of around 20 people have established occupation of St Andrews Sq in New Town. This is a group of people who are primarily not regular activists. They operate non-hierarchically and hold General Assemblies everyday at 12 and 6. Donations have been plentiful (food, tents, clothes, a stove). They could use additional support and there is a lack of members from society anarchists or other university activist groups. Please go down and show support. Let’s end this evil phase of capitalism.
The groups goals now include trying to grow in numbers and raise greater awareness to the ‘Occupy’ movement. This is not traditional lobbying for change through the usual channels style politics. The occupy movement seeks to find a new way to solve the issues it is aimed at exposing. Combined with the fact that St Andrews Sq now provides a Social Space just as the anarchist society envisioned at a meeting several weeks ago this is something in which a lot of our members would find a place.

Social – Meadows Bar from 8pm
Our weekly social tomorrow night, from 8pm in the top room of the Meadows Bar on Buccleuch St. Banter and lively discussion and space to talk freely. The revolution will be plotted.

Art Group – Tuesday from 12noon
The Radicool Art Group is preparing to embark on its first expedition. After two weeks of planning a template is in circulation; email Flane for a copy of our first piece of work to print. Meeting at 1 West Richmond Street, Flat 4. Bring a long a few copies if you can, although there will be a good number of copies there with which to disperse if you can lend a hand in the process.

Reading Group – Monday 1-2pm in the Chaplaincy
The reading group meets every Monday from 1-2pm in the main Auditorium of the Chaplaincy Centre and coincides wit the Fair-Trade Cafe. So come along and save the world/immerse yourself in political literature. The reading group has chosen a piece examining Fascis: Shorter Reading, Longer Reading (recommended to just read the first section), Further Reading.

Other Goings On

UKUncut – Saturday 11am
UkUncut is reborn on Saturday. Meet at 11am in Bristo Sq for a positive and creative protest in response to the ludicrous tax-avoiding businesses around town. Past Edinburgh events have seen superheroes and the cloak of death cast judgement on public services and the crippling effects of avoiding tax as a business.

Anarcha-Feminist Skill Share – Saturday 11am
The anarcho-feminist group is running a skill share on Saturday starting from 11am and going on all day. We think this is going on at 62 Marchmont Road, but its advisable to check with an anarcho-feminist.

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