Welcome to the Edinburgh University Anarchist Society

Welcome to the Edinburgh University Anarchist Society website. We use this space to inform anyone interested in the events the society is putting on and to display contact details for getting involved with us. New activity should also be updated in our Latest News here on this site, but sometimes this website falls into disuse, failing that it will usually be on Facebook. Most of our activity is communicated through an email list. To be added to this list, please email us at equalitylibertyrespect (at) gmail.com and we will contact you, add you to the list and forward all the recent updates of activities going on!

We are a group of people unhappy with the current state of the world and looking for change. We share the common values of equality, liberty and respect and believe that by implementing these in our every day lives we can make a difference.

We operate as a non-hierarchical community of equals who meet each week to plan new ideas for activities and direct action. We make our decisions by full consensus and value the opinion of the newest member as much as the oldest. There is no charge for the society and the environment is friendly and respectful toward the opinions of others. We don’t all call ourselves anarchists and each person has a different idea of how they envision change for the future; we count these differences among our assets and strengths as a diverse and dialectic community.

To get involved with the society, find out more about us and what we are or even ask us a few clarifying questions, please come along to one of our meetings, or social event. Additionally, keep checking this space for updated new events that EUAS will be holding throughout the year. These involve guest lectures, film nights, reading groups, radical art groups, skill share days and more.

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